Join The Band: Get Your Face On The Cover Of a TNAOQV Book!

To raise the funds to get the new omnibus collection of TNAOQV, Meet The Royals, to the printer at long last, we're offering select fans a chance to immortalize themselves on the book's back cover.

The front cover, as you'll see above, is an homage to Meet The Beatles. The back cover, I finally decided, is going to be a Sgt. Pepper homage, and am looking for TNAOQV fans to join Her Majesty's band on that cover.

I'm going to give up to 50 fans a chance to add their photo to that cover. For $50.00, you'll have your picture (or another one chosen by you) added to the band and your name included in the list. It will also get you a very specially autographed copy of the book once it arrives.

Click on the button below to reserve your place on the cover.